Chacarera: First Wedding Dance

October 29, 2013  •  1 Comment

In the lively Argentine folk dance, the Chacarera, a couple starts in a group, but dances solely for each other.  Arms are spread high and the chest held proud throughout the dance.  It is a posture of one giving their heart freely to another.  Perhaps equally as important as the choreography, eye contact and a flirtatious intent adds to the flavor of this dance.  The rhythm and movement is mischievous and brings the dancers ever so close to one another, only to separate again and again.  The last phrase brings the two together to finally embrace as one.

How wonderful for Krista and Addis to choose the Chacarera for their first wedding dance.

Chacarera Wedding Dance-Krista and Addis



Lovely selection, Addis and Krista! Comgratulation!
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