Spotlight on Kye, dancer

October 17, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Today, I was playing with different ways to light my white seamless backdrop (thanks Louis Parks for inspiration).  I positioned one studio light behind the seamless and set it to full power.  I had a second light with a reflective umbrella ready to be positioned on a subject.  Perfect timing!  A very outgoing young lady was trying out some moves in her new ballroom shoes next door.  Her mother, Ula Rivers, a dance instructor and freelance performer, told me that her daughter was very interested in dance.  She said that it wasn't unusual for her daughter to request dance lessons several times in a day.  Did she want to dance professionally one day?  I asked 9 year old, Kye.  She hesitated for a thoughtful moment. "I believe that before I make a decision like that, I have to try it and see how it goes first."  Eyebrows raised.  Sensible girl.  

Check out her shoot that we did with Selena Gomez playing in the background.  We all particularly liked the effect of the single light behind the backdrop.


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